Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I can only imagine the stroke of genius required to conceive of such an original product as press-on tattoo nails. I'm sure the ad exec responsible for this one was rewarded heftily in vacation time and hand jobs...


Get ready people for the magic... right here is where the art is happening folks. Timpac's solo portrait series,

This is Wysuph dropping his best "Blue-Steel"

Handsome Bobby!

last but not least, yours truly,


So cruising around the show I ran into my friends Tony and Steve from Rock of Ages Tattoo out of Austin. Tony happened to be working on this:

Apparently the guy who got this tattoo asked Tony to put a Hot Stuff devil on him. Being the proud Frenchie parent that he is, Tony sought inspiration elsewhere. I guess the kid went for it and the rest is history! All I knew was that there was no way I was leaving Sac without getting one of my own...SO first thing sunday morning Tony took care of me,

GAWD! She's freaking CUTE!!!


Here are the action shots captured on the floor:


On our way to the convention Colin and I realized that he grew up in Sac-town. What an appropriate title for the city that would spawn our little Colin. In other news I can't believe this was actually my seventh year in a row doing this convention! I have gotten to watch all my friends at Forever Tattoo grow up and become such great tattooers and awesome guys! Please excuse me, I think I'm getting a little nostalgic here...
Anyway, my friend Timpac, from Forever, was getting all sorts of artsy fartsy and took so many great photos that I need to share with you, Ok, here we go:

I love the Hogan family so much! and baby Phoenix is one, seriously, adorable baby

Look! It's my two favorite Mikes!