Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009



YUP! That is Colin's frenchie Conan in his "tattoo boy" costume, and yes those are tattooed sleeves poking out of his baseball jersey! YUP!

Turn on, tune in, drop out


In the second installment of Horitaka's media blitz, we will also be making a guest appearance on 106 KMEL's morning show this wednesday at 8am until maybe 10 or so. I'll be tattin and Taki will be chattin, CHECK IT OUT!


This weekend please come down and support us at CANVAS gallery in downtown LA!!!!
We are celebrating the release of our two newest books, the sketch collections of legendary black and grey, Chicano and Los Angeles native tattooer PINT and the Japanese dynamo from Three Tides Tattoo ICHIBAY.

Come down to CANVAS this Saturday night at 8PM...
see ya' there!


HORITAKA is beginning his radio media BLITZ tomorrow morning promoting the 5th annual San Jose Tattoo Convention! You can catch him from 6am to 9am on LIVE 105 with Chris from Tattoo Energy/Tattoo Life on the No Name morning show.
Also check out NoNames tattoo gallery and tattoo TV!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

check this shit out

REBEL 8, Mike Giant's cothing company made this dope shirt special for the convention, here's a link to their BLOG!


Mike Giant will be at the show doing live painting, HELL'S YEAH!

LUH-UN 009, part IV; Harry Balsagna

First of all, excuse the glare.
Lindsey Carmichael painted this banner for himself, Eric Jones and Tim Hendricks. It is the classic pharoah's horses design with a matching tattoo drawn on each horse to coordinate with the tattoos each of them has on their faces. Great idea, great banner and now, also,

the greatest photo of all time.

LUH-UN 009, part III; tats we did






(musical interlude)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

LUH-UN 009, part II; at the show

This awesome guy is named Steve Willett. He is a tattooer in Portsmouth, England. He inherited Ron Ackers shop when he passed. He was all buttoned up when he came by our booth, but we could tell he had some cool old tattoos under wraps. Check out this Pinky Yun!

This one is by Bob Roberts, 1978! Fuck Yeah!!!

Here's some Eric Jones from Gold Rush, Costa Mesa.

Can't remember who did these, but still cool as fuck. There were a LOT of cool old tattoos at this show!

LUH-UN 009

Sorry loyal readers for the long break; London hit me pretty hard, I moved, got a new car, yadda yadda...
Anyway, I am sure you guys have been anxiously awaiting our London trip diary so here it is. First off here is some of the amazing sites of the fine city of London that we stumbled upon our arrival. The plane landed at 7 am and with no sleep we met up with some friends and ventured out into the city,

I told you,Liz agrees, oooooh OFFICE shoes...

Colin has found his Shangri-la

mmm, Jamaican non-alcoholic Ginger beer!