Friday, November 27, 2009

Stitch Presents

It's been a minute since Stitch has formally presented her favorite tattoo of the week. Well, I'm sure you guys have been anxiosly anticipating this one. This gem by Scott Harrison was voted "Best Tattoo of the Day" on the Saturday night of the Convention by celebrity judges Mike Rubendall, Grez and Myself.

When we walked over to give the trophy to Scott he was shocked and declared, " I never expected that anyone I tattooed would ever enter a contest!" For the rest of the weekend Rubendall would periodically take out his Iphone and look at this picture and just start laughing to himself, awesome.


Here are some photos from Taki and I's morning at KMEL...

I tattooed Dame the Intern and Chuey Gomez's sidekick Lady Ray, while Taki and Chris Guido chopped it up with Chuey about the convention. Thanks to everyone, it was a blast!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving? part II

"Long before the European and English colonists arrived, native Amerindians celebrated the harvest with festivals & ceremonial dances, out of thanks and appreciation. The Wampanoag tribe shared this day with the Plymouth pilgrims, knowing the white man knew not how to grow corn for himself. Despite the fact that their survival had depended upon Indian benevolence, the Pilgrims went on in the years that followed to wage genocidal wars against the NATIVE nations around them. The first "thanksgiving celebration" to be proclaimed in the colony was in honor of their great victory in 1637 that virtually exterminated the Pequot Nation. Out of remembrance for the fallen peoples of native blood, first of this country, born of this land, red skinned, they are the people we should thank, not a white mans god, who allows the careless hands of his followers to take without thanks and curse the land without decency for the next generation. Teach compassion for this land, for it's beauty, the earth was first, even the scripture of the Hebrews says that.
May we walk with grace and mercy in our steps today."
-Eric Jones

*images from top to bottom: Eric Jones, Heath Preheim, Eric Jones, Grez, Zeke Owen

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving?

So, I rarely use this blog as a personal diary but in this instance I am feeling it is necessary. Early this morning I woke up screaming from a terrible nightmare. Sweating, grinding my teeth and anxiety levels soaring I sat up in bed and grabbed in the dark for my dog Stitch. I dreamt I was in some sort of cooking class and we had an assignment, my dreams are nonlinear and hazy so bear with me many of the details were left out, but we were cooking bats in the class, I kept repeating the word "bat guano" over and over, I don't think that's a very important part of it I just remember it, but I decided they didn't need to waste bat or guano on what I was making and decided to cook Stitch instead. There was no image of death or the process of cooking, I just knew what I had done. At that moment of realization I screamed and moaned and cried. I knew I couldn't take it back or undo it! I felt I chose to cook her out of convenience and the regret weighed heavy on my heart. That is when I fought the dream and woke up disgusted with myself. Laying in bed I sorted out the details of my dream. It is Thanksgiving and I have volunteered to roast a turkey for a homeless teen center in the Tenderloin, I offered my services to help others have a "Happy Thanksgiving" but haven't eaten any animal flesh in over a year. I think the guilt overcame me, equating the turkey I will be roasting with the love and companionship of my best bud, Stitch. Man, that vegetarian guilt is a b****!

Thank you Urban Paul

At my lowest moment of ignoring my blogging responsibilities like a shining beacon, a lighthouse in the storming tempest of my procrastination, my number one follower sent me this photo as if to nudge me back into a flurry of blogging. Thank you paul,

Not since Star-face girl have we seen tattooing with such reckless abandon; such selfish disdain for the wearer. Literally redefining the word "effacing." It reminds me of a very enthusiastic client who once came to me wanting to tattoo the word "PUSSY" inside his lower lip with arrows pointing inward. He was so cocksure that the plan he had devised would guarantee a permanent unending stream of sexual adventures; declaring to the women of the world his love of oral sex. Unfortunately, I had to burst his bubble and explain that if he had the word "PUSSY" with arrows pointing at himself it might evoke a response unlike the one he sought.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One more thing...

Oh yeah I almost forgot our friend and amazing photographer Jon Agcioli caught some beautiful shots of Mike Giant doing his live drawing, which was nothing short of spectacular!


I hope you guys enjoyed these.. can't wait to see you there next year!!!!!!!!


Here's some tattoos that happened...


And now for some sweet costumes...