Thursday, July 30, 2009


I finally finished my State of Grace trucker hats! Thanks to the guys for modeling them, too. Come by the shop and check 'em out!

Hogan Family Visit

Eiland, Robyn and Annie came and had lunch with us yesterday. Annie's such a sweetheart and we all went and ate at Sushi Maru,

"Look like you're having FUN!"

Robyn is the foxiest pregnant chick ever, check out those heels! Conratulations girl!

Eiland stayed and drew on the shop's new MUNNY doll...

and then I had a consultation with Eiland about his future thigh tattoo and the guys got to get me back for all of the rad photos I've been posting of THEM! This is NOT what it looks like!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5th Ave's first "Sheik Boutique"

"... finally!"

Apparently NY didn't know they needed one!

Click here to read Artbiker's blog announcing an upscale "FIRST-EVER ‘COUTURE TATTOO’ STUDIO" offering mani-pedis alongside tattoo appointments.

tres chic... or tres sheik!

The Motorcycle Diaries

Horitaka just came back from visiting our friend Miki in Italy. They spent most of the week riding motorcycles to beautiful places, eating great food and there were even a few days thrown in at Miki's brand new shop, Milano City Ink. Check them out!

That tiny car is the same size as the bike!

Good times!


Our official shop mascot has chosen her favorite tattoo this week to share with you, by Horisou

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh, Happy Day...

Today was awesome,
not only did I get to see the Salsa, but I snapped this great photo of Colin's face hovering over his crotch!

nailed it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TRIBUTE to the M.F.K.O.P.

Jean Charles de Castelbajac took the time during his fashion show last week in Paris' Haute Couture Fashion Week to pay his final respects...

Nailed it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OBON 09: part deux

I was able to find these great videos of the taiko drumming, here ya go

I hope these videos really do justice to the feeling of the crowd when the drums were going. Lots of elderly people that live in the neighborhood as well as kids gathered around to enjoy the performances. Many of the festival goers dressed up in yukata, it was pretty sweet.
good times


State of Grace has nothing but love for our new neighborhood of Japantown. This past weekend we celebrated Obon with the Buddhist Temple around the corner

I tattooed one of the kids who works over at Santo Market and he had to slice 1800 lbs of meat for skewers! There was a food court right outside our window, it was hard to concentrate it smelled so good

Horitomo and Harumi went Saturady night with some friends

There were some information booths and women making flowered leis

You can't quite see it in this picture, but the shave ice line went around the block! Our friends waited in line for over an hour

The thrill of the weekend was definitely the taiko drumming. Crowds clamored to watch the performances. It was amazing!

Monday, July 13, 2009

SOG Family Vacation: Part 3

Did I mention Katie had a REALLY great time!

Somewhere in between gambling and and eating we got in a few games, bowling

Horitomo and Harumi were looking good and having fun

So stoked they allowed dogs at the casino

Taki was pretty stoked, too. It wouldn't be a shop trip without her!

Filip was serious about the buffet. Too bad his eyes were a lot bigger than his stomach! As they say, "When in Reno," although who they are I am not sure.

I know we'll be back soon, though

SOG Family Vacation: Part 2

Dinner was awesome. The buffet line was too long so Mrs. Kitamura chose steak and seafood, good choice!

Filip and I each got this massive platter of seafood. I've never been one to eat oysters but Filip has it down! So he hooked us all up with his technique.

Down the hatch without a scratch...

Filip and I pretty much put Siracha on everything we eat so what could be bad???

Even Taki braved the oyster shooter. I think oyster shot photos probably give Marco Hernandez's motorboat pics a run for their money:

Kaitlin did not look impressed

State of Grace Family Vacation: Part 1

What a long, hot summer it's been in San Jose! Right before the 4th, Taki decided the shop really needed to get away, so he booked a block of suites at Reno's Grand Sierra Resort and off we went for a night of gambling, chowing down, and chillin. We each had our own king size bed and we took advantage of the resort's dining and spa services, what a relaxing get away; Thanks Boss!
First things first, straight to the casino

Within 10 minutes, Rob Struven hit it big at the slots!

Six freakin thousand bucks! Damn Playa! It was him and Ginger's first night away from their brand new baby son, Bowen, Congratulations Big Daddy!


On the Road by Horitaka

Here's a bunch of photos from Taki's camera from the last few weeks,

Taki did this tattoo on Shige to remember the great trip. The tattoo was done in Anaheim at Tattooland

Chris Brand and Brynne, our buddies from down south, came out to help at Canvas

Shopping on Oliveras St. in LA

Getting a hair cut from Tamiko, REAL professional!

Bill and Junii working on the shop's Munny doll

Lots of friends visiting

Dinner @ Hukilau in Japantown, our friend and neighbor Adrian Lee came out, too.

Shige gettin' down on the Munny doll.

Great to see our longtime friend Miki, always smiles!

Horitaka modeling Chris's homemade insulated, embroidered, face guard. With Robert and Chris in Sac