Monday, July 13, 2009

On the Road by Horitaka

Here's a bunch of photos from Taki's camera from the last few weeks,

Taki did this tattoo on Shige to remember the great trip. The tattoo was done in Anaheim at Tattooland

Chris Brand and Brynne, our buddies from down south, came out to help at Canvas

Shopping on Oliveras St. in LA

Getting a hair cut from Tamiko, REAL professional!

Bill and Junii working on the shop's Munny doll

Lots of friends visiting

Dinner @ Hukilau in Japantown, our friend and neighbor Adrian Lee came out, too.

Shige gettin' down on the Munny doll.

Great to see our longtime friend Miki, always smiles!

Horitaka modeling Chris's homemade insulated, embroidered, face guard. With Robert and Chris in Sac


  1. i like the photo of shige working on the munny doll. it looks like it says, "hi" below the dolL! :)

  2. oh shit...
    nancy you have forever changed this photo in my mind