Tuesday, July 7, 2009

YOU BE THE JUDGE! Jewish Deli battle 09

Anyone who has ever been to State of Grace knows that we are obsessed with good food. So much so that Taki and I have been known to text photos of delicious meals to each other. After the Shige party at Canvas, Taki and Shige headed over to Canter's 24 hr Jewish Deli for some grub. Taki texted images of both his pastrami sandwich with a side of kashe varnishkas, here's Reuben...

Before my little brother's graduation my family headed to Ben's Jewish Deli to grub. Here is a picture of my Grandma E's pastrami on rye. It's the age old battle of East vs West, Tupac vs Biggie...

Obviously my camera phone takes a slightly nicer image, but it is a tough call. Check out the kashe varnishkas,



Lemme know whatcha think


  1. If it were by photos alone, Ben's wins.

    Also, I've only tasted Ben's, so it's East Coast pride all the way!

  2. Ben's takes it, plus all you can eat pickles and slaw....

    granted there would never be a bagel battle, east coast is untouchable.....