Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving? part II

"Long before the European and English colonists arrived, native Amerindians celebrated the harvest with festivals & ceremonial dances, out of thanks and appreciation. The Wampanoag tribe shared this day with the Plymouth pilgrims, knowing the white man knew not how to grow corn for himself. Despite the fact that their survival had depended upon Indian benevolence, the Pilgrims went on in the years that followed to wage genocidal wars against the NATIVE nations around them. The first "thanksgiving celebration" to be proclaimed in the colony was in honor of their great victory in 1637 that virtually exterminated the Pequot Nation. Out of remembrance for the fallen peoples of native blood, first of this country, born of this land, red skinned, they are the people we should thank, not a white mans god, who allows the careless hands of his followers to take without thanks and curse the land without decency for the next generation. Teach compassion for this land, for it's beauty, the earth was first, even the scripture of the Hebrews says that.
May we walk with grace and mercy in our steps today."
-Eric Jones

*images from top to bottom: Eric Jones, Heath Preheim, Eric Jones, Grez, Zeke Owen

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