Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Get sex now... the power of Satan does not need to brag."

While searching Black Magick on ebay this morning, which is the name of the Australian fashion label Lover's 2008 collection, I was hoping for this,

lovely 60s inspired dresses or maybe a tank top. Instead I found this,

Black Magick Spell for Sex
Cast by Simon Warlock
Master of the Dark Arts, Occult Priest, Ordained Minister and Satanist!

Simon Warlock professes,
"Enjoy copulating like a animal again. Satan loves all his children.
You will receive email confirmation once your spell has been cast before my dark alter."

Bidding starts at $24.99, FREE shipping! State of Grace does not assume responsibility for dealings with the devil or venereal diseases, and Simon expects feedback, if buyer does not leave positive feedback Simon will curse you, please contact Simon before leaving feedback. Thank you.

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