Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Show me the MUNNY!

For the last week we have been taking turns working on the Munny. We decided to give Horitomo first crack at it,

he decided to work on the front. The bonji symbols represent the god Fudo Myo-o and his attendants Kongara and Seitaka.
Horisou drew the skull-face and Filip added the onis inside the ears.

Horisou drew the amazing hannya mask on his head. He worked on it in Sacto at the convention, in between appointments.

Since Shige has been in town visiting he joined in and drew the dragon head on the back. He took a tiny tracing of the doll's back, one night, to work on it. He said Munny was a very patient client!

I drew the snake and peonies on the back of the head and around the mask. I did the whole thing in the airport and on the plane. It felt like I was shlepping around a toddler.

Dan Wysuph drew the skull and dagger sleeve on the left arm,

and Horitaka put the "GOOD LUCK" on his knuckles and finished it off with the State of Grace sleeve on the right.

Pencil, Sharpie and fixative, that's it. Did I mention Munny glows in the dark?

Everyone had so much fun working on this that we are making another one for the shop!