Friday, January 15, 2010

Why children, why?

Sorry guys, I am about to ruin your day. It is my job at the SOG Log to bring you the best in the worst. I personally waste numerous hours scouring the internet for the absolutely most terrible tattoo related shit imaginable. Trust me I bypass a lot of marginally lame stuff. So, I actually found this treasure on a website worth wasting a few hours on called Look at this Fucking Hipster, not a bad name or a bad site for that matter... anyway back to business,

Dude, Chad Koeplinger called he wants his glasses back!


  1. i want contacts tattooed on me!

  2. I know that God exists because I found out that this is fake (supposedly viral marketing for Ray-Ban). And check out the poorman's Jonathan Shaw doing the tattoo; his gloves are spotless. And no wiping. Too bad, though, 'cause it would be dude's best tattoo.

  3. Ross, Debbie Downer called, she wants her job back...