Thursday, August 20, 2009

On the road again and many others

Colin and I are driving down to la for the tattoo Hollywood convention this weekend. I am blogging from colin's I phone! We have the best car mix playing ever. I feel like a mac ad jeez!
We are listening to
the felice brothers
the Kentucky colonels
arcade fire
bob Dylan
the pretenders
the boss
mason Jennings
taraf de haidouks
dolly pardon
Emmy Lou Harris
pepe romero
ralph Stanley...
Cat stevens
seu Jorge
Gillian welch
What can you not take a long drive without?


  1. water, music, someone that knows how to get there since I always end up going the wrong way. Oh and someone that is funny, wait that's me. :) Have a safe trip.

  2. That is a pretty sweet mix..