Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SHONEN KNIFE, San Jose October 30th

We just got word from our buddies down at the Blank Club that Japan's infamous, all girl, punk rock trio will be headlining Friday night after the Tattoo Convention!

We are psyched, if you are around my age (let's say thirty-something) then you probably remember these bad bitches from the first Lollapalooza, or maybe second but you get my drift. They are like an all female Mod Ramones from Osaka, mixing raw punk with a heavy dose of cute.

Well, these ladies have a new line-up (two original members and a new bassist) and are touring the world promoting their new album Super Group. For some reason San Jose made their busy touring schedule, seriously, what could be more perfect for the SJ afterparty????

See you guys there!

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