Tuesday, August 11, 2009


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american cloud songs from puddin aylward on Vimeo.

My friend Robert Ryan stopped by last week to visit the new shop after a week of painting with some of his friends in a cabin in Mt. Shasta. We always have amazing discussions about spirituality and art. Here are some of his paintings and tattooing. He tattoos in Asbury Park New Jersey, the home of the Boss.

He is a well rounded artist, musician, and thinker. All of his varied work connects in some way, American Cloud Songs is also one of the music projects he is involved in.

When I interviewed Robert a while back I asked him about where he finds inspiration, he responded,

I draw from years of experimentation with psychotropic substances, a vast record collection and, A strong library. My instantaneous daily interactions and constant dreaming provide a pretty wide spectrum of inspiration.

I also asked him about what draws him to the American traditional side of tattooing? He responded,

Its sheer power when executed properly.